What to Consider When Shopping for Plant Support Clips Online

If you want to maximize the growth and health of your plants, securing them to your trellis or ...
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2 Reasons to Use This Particular Type of Cable and Cord Organizer From MI

Has your home become your office as a result of the pandemic? Are you beginning to set up ...
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GadgetKlip – The Next Generation Solution For Keeping It All Together

It always seems that each new piece of technology, electronic gadget or latest gizmo still requires a cord ...
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GadgetKlip Announcement Press Release

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Sept. 6, 2019 -- Inventor of GadgetKlip, Michael Despres, today announced that the much anticipated GadgetKlip, is slated for launch ...
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Christmas Lights Clips (Blue)

Couple Debuts Their Own Cord Management Tool

Local entrepreneurs design and launch GadgetKlip with help of West Michigan manufacturers.
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